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Child Development


While we consistently see children develop over time, very few know what to expect based on the average child or what to “do” if a child isn’t developing compared to others his/her age and developmental period. This module will provide an overview of development and lay the foundation for our expectations of what is typical development and how to approach atypical development. Level 101 contains introductory topic information.  Level 201 describes how basic concepts relate to one another and supply helpful topic resources.  Level 301 focuses on building skills specifically.
a graphic of a baby's phsyical development portrayed by sillouttes on a ruler


The following are courses for both families and providers. Choose the modules that more closely reflect you and your interest. For instance, if you are a provider and registered as such, click the series for providers. If you are a family member and have a different connection to this topic, choose the series for families.